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  1. Dheebalakshmi N, UmaMaheswari S (2019). Protein bound hexose and protein bound hexosamine as diagnostic indicators in severe depression. Medpulse International journal of Biochemistry DOI: doi.org/10.26611/1002934
  2. Under ICMR STS-2 projects were selected from the Department of Biochemistry
  3. Proposed Medical Research Unit (MRU) Projects:
  • Assessing the genetic role of endocrine molecular disruptors from daily use plastics, personal care products and environment among ovarian cancer patients
  • Evaluation of vitamin D polymorphism in assessing the susceptibility of breast cancer patients
  • Mutational analysis of interleukin-7 receptor alpha Thr244Ile genetic polymorphism among ovarian cancer patients 
  1. ICMR-STS Projects
S.No Student Name Mbbs

Ref ID Title of the Project and Name of Guide
1 Eashwar

2019-03953 ADIPOQ gene mutation as a possible novel screening biomarker among medical undergraduate students: a notion to reduce type 2 diabetes mellitus
2. Harsha 2ndyr
2019-03163 Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in sickle cell disease patients among the tribal population of Niligris

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