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 STAFF ADVICERS:     Prof.Dr.Elango M.S., (Gen Surg)
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  Our medical curriculum is sometimes so demanding that one hardly gets time for extracurricular activities. ‘Capsule –the official newsletter of CMC’, is a worthy platform for students to bring out their creative skills. I wholeheartedly appreciate this endeavor of the students, by the students and for the students, under the able guidance of the staff members. I am happy to inform that case reports prepared by the post graduate students will henceforth be published in the new “Coimbatore Medical College Journal –CMCJ”, the academic counterpart of ‘Capsule’. This will be a biannual publication to start with. The frequency of publication will be increased depending on the case inputs.
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                                                    Greetings and warm welcome to our new year issue of capsule….

                  Beginning a new year with new resolutions, hope and energy… as the world celebrates with firework s and cakes…we take this opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of our CAPSULE and blessings from our erstwhile DEAN and encouragement from our present DEAN. It was truly an emotional moment to part with our former DEAN. It was a wonderful learning experience to have worked under her guidance, which will always be etched in our memories. We feel greatly privileged to be a part of this great venture of our college from its very beginning. The enthusiastic team of juniors who took up the sole responsibility for this issue has definitely taken CAPSULE to the next step. Diabetes and osteoporosis – the two “villain” diseases occupying the headlines of this issue of Capsule have staggering health and economic consequences. Despite new therapies diabetes continues to be a leading cause of adult blindness, end stage renal disease and death. A lot can be done through health education. Even modest changes in lifestyle can work wonders, primary prevention being the key step. Making a lifestyle change is challenging, especially when you want to transform many things at once. This time, think of it not as a New Year resolution but as an evolution. “Step out, burn your fat and stress, take a fresh gush of air, have an intelligent diet and health follows.”
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