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                                                        * DEPARTMENT OF CARDIOLOGY *

                   Department of cardiology in Coimbatore medical college hospital was started in 1978 to cater the needy patients by providing   special cardiac care.

               To start with, outpatient facility was provided. Then intensive coronary care unit was started under cardiology department to provide emergency cardiac services.

              Separate cardiology unit was allotted with electrocardiography and echocardiography facility manned with three super specialists holding DM cardiology in the following capacity.

  • Professor and Head of the department               - one
  • Assistant professor                                          - one
  • Tutor in  ICCU                                                  - one
                Ten separate beds for cardiology were allotted to care less emergent patients.

            Subsequently the department was upgraded with treadmill tests, Holter monitoring,  Echocardiography with color doppler facility, portable echocardiography and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring were added to care the increasing volume of cardiac patients.

                MD General Medicine postgraduates are getting trained in cardiology on regular basis both in emergency and non emergency cardiac care.

               Paramedical certificate courses in electrocardiography and echocardiography with stress ECG ware started under cardiology department in 2006. An average,  seven candidates in each category is selected every year (so for 35).


  • Type of course: paramedical certificate course (PMCC) in cardio sonography( Echocardiography) and Electrocardiography/stress test.
  • Periodic academic activities held in the department: Clinical demonstration and discussion.
  • For MD (general medicine) postgraduates: Seminar, interesting case discussion.
For PMCC Students: 
  • Basics of cardiosonography, electrocardiography and stress test.
  • Maintenance of cardiac equipments.
  • Preparation of patients for the procedure.

               Training different techniques in transthoracic and transesophageal ECHO. And perfect recording of electrocardiogram and performing stress ECG (Tread mill test).

Research publication: 

An average of two publications/per year. 


During world heart day, quiz programme is conducted for MD postgraduates and prizes were distributed to the winner.CME’S AND WORK SHOP:

Around five CME’S are conducted every year.


  • No. of units                                         :           one
  • OP                                                      :           All days except on sunday.
  • OP timing                                            :           between 8am---12 noon
  • Admission day                                     :           daily except on Sunday
  • IP bed strength                                   :           12
  • Average op                                         :           80 -100 /day,
  • Average IP                                          :           7/day,
  • ECGs done                                         :           180---200/day,
  • Echocardiogram (TEE& TTE)                 :           500/month,
  • Tread mill test                                     :           12—15/day,
  • ICCU admission                                   :           250 /month,
  • Insurance patients                               :           15/ month,
  • Echo guided pericardiocentsis                :           3/ month,
  • Temporary pacemaker                           :           2/month,
  • Holter monitoring                                 :           10/ month,
  • Ambulatory blood pressure                   :           10/month,




1)  Fortnightly cardiology clinic on Saturday at central prison, Coimbatore.
2) Paediatric cardiology clinic on all OP days.

  • On call  duty:       daily,
  • Call over to other Specilty wards :  50—70 patients/month
  • VVIP’S duty: around  2- 5/month.

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