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Department of Community Medicine
Coimbatore Medical College,

About the Department:
          The Department of Community Medicine previously called the Department of Social and preventive Medicine was established at Coimbatore Medical College in 1966. Over the years,the department has evolved as a pioneer Centre in training Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Paramedical personnel in the practice of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. With a robust infrastructure, it is actively involved in various disciplines like Undergraduate teachings, Epidemiology & infection control, Biostatistics & Research Methodology, Outreach activities and National Health programs.

1. Undergraduate course: M.B.B.S.,
2. Paramedical courses:   1. BSc Dialysis Technology
                                         2. Diploma in Pharmacy.

I M.B.B.S    :  
  • At the entry into the First year, students are introduced to the Concepts like Primary health care, Sociology, Nutrition & Demography.
  • They are exposed to various  Public health activities like visit to Primary health centre, Water and food analysis lab, Cold Chain, Dairy (Aavin), Family survey (Urban and Rural Health Centres).
  • Teaching hours: Lecture- 20hrs, Small group teaching- 27hrs, Self Directed Learning -5 hrs

 II M.B.B.S:  
  • The Concepts of Health and Disease, Environment, Nutrition, Communicable diseases are dealt in detail.
  • The students will be engaged for 4 weeks of clinical posting (10.00 am – 12.15 pm), during which orientation to Research Methodology, IMNCI (Integrated Management of Neonatal and child hood Illness) and Methods of Health Education are given. They are encouraged to do community based Short Term Research Project and practice Health education methods in our field area. Scheduled visits to ART centre, ICDS, ICTC, Hospital Waste Management, TNMSC, Family survey at UHTC/RHTC guides them to have a real time experience of health care settings.
  • Teaching hours: Lectures- 20hrs, Small group teaching- 30hrs, Self Directed Learning- 10hrs, clinical posting-4 weeks.

 III M.B.B.S:        
  • Epidemiology, Communicable & Non-Communicable diseases and related Health Programs, Preventive Medicine in Obstetrics, Paediatrics & Geriatrics, Demography& Family planning, Hospital Waste Management, Disaster Management, Occupational Health, Mental Health, Genetics, Health Information, Basic Medical Statistics, Health Planning & Management, and International Health are focused upon.
  • 6 weeks of clinical posting (10.00 am – 12.15pm), will include sessions on Clinico Social Case discussion, OSPE, Epidemiological Exercise & Spotters.
  • Teaching hours: Lectures- 40hrs, Small group teaching- 60hrs, Self Directed Learning- 5hrs, clinical posting-6weeks
Integrated Teaching:  Done in co-ordination with Departments of General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Pharmacology, and Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
Student’s Seminar:Seminars are conductedat frequent intervals to enhance the knowledge & encourage communication skills among the students.The topic covered are,
  1. Health Related Millennium Development Goals
  2. Vector Borne Diseases
  3. International Classification of Diseases.
  4. Indian Tick Typhus.
  5. Leptospirosis.
  6. Models of Health Education
  7. Rural Health Scheme.
  8. Drug Abuse.
  9. Health Insurance system
  10. Water conservation
  11. Global warming.
  12. Partographs.
  13. AFP Surveillance.
  14. Nosocomial Infections.
  15. Cold chain
16. Pot exposure prophylaxis for Rabies
17. Vaccine vial monitoring
18. levels of preventions
19. International health regulations
20. voluntary health organizations
21. cold chain
22. Bio medical waste management
23. Tuberculosis
24. Obesity
25. Normal distribution
26. Vital statistics
27. housing standards
28. Water purification
29. Disaster management
30. occupational health
Assessment:Regular Formative and Summative assessments are done.
  • For the purpose of Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship program, Interns are posted regularly in the department for 2 months. They are posted andtrained professionally at Urban andRural Health Centres,Primary Health Centres, IDSP, 24 x 7 Covid Control room, contact tracing of Covid patients, MTM clinics, and Monsoon camps. They are periodically reviewed every 15 days regarding the skills achieved in their postings.
  • Leprosy training program is conducted in conjunction with DDHS.
  • Each batch of C.R.R.I will undergo aCertificate based Training for Soft skills & Communication skills, Computers & their application, Research methodology and Medical & Legal issues, and management in daily practice.
Various aspects of Social and Preventive Medicine are abridged for the paramedical students pursuing BSc Dialysis, every week.
       Twice weekly sessions are conducted for D Pharmacy students and the topics covered are Health Education, Concepts of Health, Nutrition & Health, Demography & Family planning, First aid, Environment & health, Fundamental Principles of Microbiology, Epidemiology, Communicable Diseases, Non – Communicable Diseases.
Students are engaged in outreach activities, thereby acquainting them in social work with the vulnerable population at the community level.

PHC’sattached with this institution are
-      Sarkarsamakulam (RHTC)
-      Irugur (PHC)
-      Thudiyalur (PHC)
UHCattached with this institution is
-      Singanallur

Field Visits
- Family survey
-Medical Camps along with NSS unit.
- School health activities (IEC activities for infectious diseases)
- Food and Water Lab at Ddhs Office, Coimbatore
- Aavin Dairy Plant at Pachapalayam, Perur.
-ART Centre, CMCH
- ICTC Centre, CMCH
- Hospital Waste Management,CMCH
- ICDS Centre
Health Education Camps:
 To improve the health literacy among the community, health camps are organized in the field practice areas.
MAKKALAI THEDI MARUTHUVAM (MTM):With the Head of the Department being the Nodal officer for the Chief minister’s flagship Program, MTM, the team comprising of 2 staff nurses & a data entry operator offers screening for NCD diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer cervix, Cancer breast and services like Pain & palliative care, physiotherapy, provision of CAPD bags for CKD patients, linking their unique health ID & updation of Population Health Registry. 
I.D.S.P (Integrated Disease Surveillance Project)
 The department runs a full-fledged fever clinic also aided with facilities for lab investigations to monitor the disease trends and to detect & respond to outbreaks in the early rising phase.
 The data collected on various infectious diseases are sent on daily & weekly basis in the prescribed format to the corresponding authorities in the district and state.
An Infection control team with an Entomologist is actively involved in co-ordination with Corporation in prevention of vector borne diseases through source reduction, fogging, IEC activities at scheduled areas in the corporation on daily basis.

  • To sensitize the students on the International & National health days such as World Health Day, World Tuberculosis day, World No tobacco day, World Malaria day, The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking,National Dengue Day, world population day,Pulse Polio Immunization, Breast Cancer Awareness week events like health education, quiz, rangoli & poster competition are organised yearly.
         - The department felicitates and honours the meritorious students excelling in the         
University examinationsevery year.
  • In Collaboration with Stanley Medical College, every year in the month of December a M.C.Q exam exclusively for Community Medicine subject is conducted and the topper is awarded a cash Prize of Rs. 1000/-
  • Our, 2019 batch MBBS students achieved First place & bagged cash award, in the State level short film contest on COVIDeo organized by IAPSM (Tamilnadu chapter) & Department of Community Medicine, Kanyakumari Government Medical College.
  • Dr. P. Kalidas, Professor & HOD, was awarded the State Best Doctor Award for Medical Services by The Honourable Health Minister on 22.08.19.
  • World TB day 2018 -  IAPSM –  Certificate of Achievement:
Best Observation of World TB Day Award 2018 by Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine (IAPSM), to the Professor & HOD and the Nodal person for the activities carried out from 24.03.2018 to 31.03.2018.
Faculty projects &publications (Completed):
  1. Dr P. Mekala, Dr P. Kalidas et al, “ Study on the levels of Gamma Glutamyl Transferase in females with Metabolic syndrome as a predictor of future Cardiovascular risk”, International journal of Multidisciplinary Research review. Nov 2015; 1(9):72..E- ISSN –2395-1885
    ISSN -2395-1877.
  2. Dr P. Mekala, Dr P. Kalidas et al,” Study on the levels of lipid profile levels in female patients among metabolic syndrome population”, International journal of Multidisciplinary Research review. Jan 2016; 1(1) : 91 .. E- ISSN –2395-1885
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  3. Dr Arun Vijay Paul, Dr P. Kalidas et al “A Study on Health seeking behavior among Married reproductive age group women in a Rural area”; International Organization of Scientific Research Journals. March 2017; 16 (3).e-ISSN: 2279-0853, p-ISSN: 2279-0861 
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Faculty projects & publications(Ongoing):
  1. Prevalence of anaemia & its risk factors among adolescent school girls & effectiveness of peer education among anaemic adolescent school girls aged 11-17 years in rural schools in Coimbatore
  2. Assessment of cardiovascular risk of an urban population in Coimbatore district using WHO/ISH risk prediction algorithm-A community based cross sectional study
  3. Risk perception, preventive behaviour & knowledge among on the covid-19 outbreak response in an urban area-a community based cross sectional study
  4. A mixed method research on perceived barriers in cervical & breast cancer screening among the women of breast cancer screening.
  5. Preparation of biomimetic hydrogel for tissue engineering.

Students project (Completed):
  1. Obesity Related Menstrual Problems in College going students
  2. Stress among Bank Employees of SBI, Coimbatore
  3. Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness among antenatal women
  4. Analysis of Limits of Beverage consumption among College Students
  5. Awareness about NCD among resident in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  6. Relationship between Mobile Phone addiction and altered sleep pattern among college students
  7. Comparative study of health status between Breast fed and Bottle fed infants
  8. Knowledge about Breast cancer among  College students between age group  of 18 to 22 years
  9. KAP Study on biomedical waste Management among the paramedical Students and interns
  10. A Study to assess the knowledge regarding Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome among college students
  11. A  Study on stress factors among the IT Professional
  12. Profile of Pre-Donor Screening in a Tertiary Care Hospital.
  13. A Study  of Risk factors in Road Traffic accidents
  14. KAP Study on First aid management  among Teachers
  15. Demographic & Clinical  profile of patients attending dermatology OP in a Tertiary Care Hospital
  16. Comparative Study on factors influencing differential preference of Private and government health care      services among residents in Coimbatore
Student’s projects (ongoing):
  1. A study on Quality of life among Diabetic patients
  2. A study on correlation between physical activity and food habits among school going students
  3. A study on socio economic status & cognitive development among children <10 Yrs
  4. KAP Study on road traffic accidents among college students
  5. KAP study among rural people about Mosquito borne diseases
  6. Association of Passive smoking with respiratory illness among children of age 0 – 5 years
  7. Awareness about Organ donation among College students
  8. Opinion about current Medical Education among Medical college students
  9. Association between Poultry proteins and early menarche
  10. Unhealthy food practices prevailing among College students
  11. Health status variation among rural & urban college students
  12. Awareness about mosquito  borne infections among Agricultural college students
  13. Awareness about Health care facilities available in Urban Health Centre.
  14. Clinical and Demographic profile of patients attending Fever OPD in a TCH.
  15. A study  on pre & post assessment of effectiveness of first aid training among school students


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