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     The department of Dental Surgery exists from the days the hospital was a District Head Quarters Hospital.
     Later on when the Medical College was started in the sixties, the faculty strength was elevated with one Professor and three Assistant Professors. Later on when the student strength was increased to 150 Per Batch in 2005, the faculty strength was increased to two Professors and two Assistant Professors.
     In this Department, we carryout the following works like dental extractions, transalveolar extractions, impaction surgeries, Maxillofacial Surgeries, Maxillofacial Traumacare, maxillofacial tumor and cyst surgeries, dental restorations, Root Canal Treatments, Scaling, Maxillofacial Prosthesis, fabrication of feeding plates, obturators for palatal defects etc.

Academic Activities :
  1. MBBS prefinal students undergo clinical postings for 15 days in this Departments. They are given introduction to Dentistry covering basic management of dental emergencies.
  1. BDS graduates after completing their CRRI period, undergo Special Training Programme in Dental Surgery for a period of minimum of six months. At a time, four BDS graduates undergo training. They are given extensive training in dental extractions, restorations, dental prosthesis, Root Canal Therapy and minor dental surgical procedures etc.
Services Offered
No. of Units                                        : One
OP Days and timing                           : Daily OP from 8 AM to 12 noon
Admission Day                                   : Daily
Bed Strength                                       : 1 bed each in MS I, MS II, FS I, FS II
Average OP                                        : 100 /day
Average IP                                          : 10 /month
Type of surgeries Performed               : Trauma Surgeries
                                                              Impaction Surgeries
                                                              Maxillofacial tumour and cyst surgeries
                                                              Periapical surgeries, minor surgeries related
                                                              to tooth and gingiva


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