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               Hemophilia is a genetic disorder usually affects only males ,females are carriers occasionally occur in families without a known history of hemophilia. Statistics shows one out of 5000 males is a born hemophiliac.

                A hemophiliac patient does not bleed faster than a normal person , but it bleeds for a longer period of time .when bleeding occurs into muscle and joints recur frequently and it can cause permanent damage, disability, deformity, chronic pain and even crippling.

              Hemophilia is treated by infusion of missing clotting factors namely factor VIII and XI , derived from  human blood as well as from totally chemical sources .The treatment of occasional bleeds of single person can exceed 1 lakh rupees annually.

               As important note is that factor needs to be transfused immediately to the patient , thus hemophilia day centre was established at Coimbatore medical college with about 236 registered patients and hospital, under the guidance of PROF. DR.S.USHA M.D., provides immediate care with zero delay time under the doctor’s guidance on all  24 x 7 days in the to these patients at free of cost. Our Dean PROF. DR .B. ASOKAN M.S, MCh, helping us in a tremendous way to give proper treatment at proper time for our persons with hemophilia. Hemophilia day care centre works towards creating a hemophilia  without disability.

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