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Department of Psychiatry, Coimbatore Medical College
Psychiatry Theory Class Schedule for  MBBS Students
The Following will be the class schedule for the Final Year MBBS Students.
No. Topic Duration
1 Introduction to Psychiatry , Normality and Abnormality One hour
2 Symptoms and Signs of Psychiatric Disorders One hour
3 Memory, learning, motivation - theories and applied aspects. One hour
4 Classifications of Psychiatric Disorders One hour
5 Organic Mental Disorders One hour
6 Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders One hour
7 Mood Disorders One hour
8 OCD and Anxiety Disorders One hour
9 Somatoform and Conversion Disorder One hour
10 Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders One hour
11 Eating, Sleep and Sexual Disorders One hour
12 Personality Disorders One hour
13 Intellectual Disability and Learning Disorders One hour
14 Pervasive Developmental Disorders One hour
15 ADHD, ODD & Conduct Disorders One hour
16 Women and Psychiatry One hour
17 Community and Legal Psychiatry One hour
18 Pharmacotherapy One hour
19 Behavoural, Cognitve and psycho therapies One hour
20 Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide Evaluation One hour

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