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     Our department is catering the medical needs for the people from  various districts of Coimbatore, Tiruppur , Nigiris and Erode .
     Approximently,  11,000 old cases come for regular treatment.
     Every year approximately 2500 new patients are registered for regular treatment.
     Our Department is treating renal diseases of various  etiologies, like Acute renal Failure, Chronic Renal Failure , Diabetic Nephropathy, Nephrotic syndrome, Acute Nephritic syndrome, Medical management of stone disease, congenital diseases like ADPKD.and electrolyte and  acid  base disorders.
       People from rural areas and agricultural workers, are admitted with events of snake bite  with  acute renal  failure are treated here frequently.
      Patients with Septicemia from various departments are refered here for management of the renal failure.
       Long standing diabetes, hypertension, patients with renal stones  who develop Chronic Renal Failure are treated in our department.                                                                                          
      Paediatric cases with Nephrotic  syndrome,and postinfective Glomerulonephritis are also referred to the department for further management.
      Our department   functions   with one Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor and one Tutor.
       All needy patients are  taken extreme care  throughout  24 hours
       We are equipped  with  following  facilities
                     6     Hemo Dialysis Machines
                     2     Cardiac monitors
                     1     Defibrillator
                     1     Non  invasive ventillator
                     1     Ultra Sound Machine
         Fascilities for  Peritoneal Dialysis is available. Peritoneal dialysis can be done    for 6 patients simultaneously.                    Counselling is  given to the patient and family members including the voluntary relative donors  regarding the need for renal transplant surgery. If donor is willing, donor will be investigated for tissue compatibility.
         AV Fistula surgery is performed for patients with End Stage Renal Failure who needs regular Hemodialysis by the department of cardiothoracic surgery.
         Kidney Biopsies are done for all the needed patients.   
         One year Dialysis Technician paramedical course is offered. The paramedical students are trained in various dialysis techniques.
        The department of Nephrology is regularly taking   part  in UG   and  PG  training  programmes and various CME Programmes.

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