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Department of Radiotherapy                                                      
                        Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, Coimbatore-18.
Short history of the Department:
                Radiation therapy is the treatment of malignant diseases (Cancer) with ionizing Radiations.  (X-Rays, electrons from Linear Accelerator or gamma rays from Cobalt equipment).
                           In 1991, the Department of Radiotherapy was started in Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, Coimbatore, bifurcating Radiology into Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy. The legendary Physician and Veteran Dr. M. Mallikarjun, MD was pioneering in the creation of the 2 new Departments.
             The Department has shown a steady uprising and development under the guidance of various Deans of  Coimbatore Medical College. Its important functions are Diagnosis and treatment of Cancer as a tertiary referral centre, training and education in the field of Oncology (Medical and Paramedical), ECD –Early Cancer Detection, Cancer awareness, Cancer prevention and Antitobacco campaign.

Details of teaching staffs

          The department comprises of One Professor, One Assistant Professor and Five Senior Residents.
Details of non teaching staffs

1.Staff nurses        = 2                         4. Radiotherapy Technologists = 2
2. Health Visitor     = 1                         5. Ward Manager                    = 1
3. Hospital Worker = 1                         6. MultiPurpose Worker           = 1.

Academic information:

    Type of Course = paramedical Diploma 2 years course DRTT
    DRTT = Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology.
Name of the course DRTT
Eligibility +2 science
Course duration 2 years
Sanctioned number of seats 5
Board of Para Medical Education, King Institute, Guindy, Chennai.
Selection procedure +2 marks, Counselling.
Board Examination details January, July. every year
Periodic Academic activities held in the Department:          

1.    Postgraduate classes –   MD General Medicine.
                                    MD OG, MS General Surgery,
2.    Para Medical classes – DRTT  Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology.
3.    Nursing - Diploma students classes in Oncology.
4.    Periodical CMEs / Symposia / Journal clubs.
5.    Tumour Board every Thursday at 12.00 noon
6.    ECD training for PHC Medical Officers.
7.    Cancer awareness lectures and anti tobacco classes for students at yearly NCC camps and for Arts College students.

Research and Publications:

a)  Evaluation of accelerated RT in Head & Neck Cancers – a prospective study.
b)  Superior Vena Cava Syndrome – our experience.
c)  Soft tissue sarcoma – rare case report.( Indian Journal of Cancer )
d)  Analysis and comparison of calculated dose and measured dose in IMRT phantoms.
e)  Analysis of isodose patterns in HBB in the treatment of Cancer Breast.
f)  A study of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in stage III B Cancer Cervix.
g)  A study of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in locally advanced head & neck Cancers.
h)  A study of toxicity profile of Imatinib in treated cases of Chronic Myeloid Leukemias.
i)  Approach to Cancer Cervix with pelvic kidney – published in  IJSO, March 2011.
j)  Staged Sacrectomy – published in IJNS&S, September 2009.
k)  A study of bone mineral density using CT scan – published in IJMP,
l)  Rituximab in the treatment of CD 20 positive Non Hodgkin’s Lymphomas.
List of students admitted merit wise category wise and previous year for all UG & PG courses.
Prizes and Awards constituted by the Department.
Prizes and Awards received by the Students and Faculty.
1.    International Union against Cancer UICC fellowship award 2003 – RSO, Dr. V. Prabakar.
2.    Best Hospital worker: Independence Day award by the District Collectorate.

CMEs, workshops / conferences conducted by the Department:

1.    WORLD Cancer Day, February 4th .
2.    AntiTobacco Day, May 31st .
3.    Cancer awareness Day, November 7th .
4.    Early Cancer Detection for PHC Medical Officers.
5.    Cancer & AntiTobacco awareness for NCC annual Camp students.
6.    Cancer & AntiTobacco awareness for Arts College students.
7.    CME and Live workshop in Head & Neck Cancers and Cancer Breast.
8.    Recent advances in the Management of Gynaecological Malignancies.
9.    CME- Locally advanced Cancer Breast.
10. Symposium: Brain and Spine tumours.
11. Cancer awareness photo exhibition.
12. Symposium: Role of antibiotics for infections in Cancer.
13. Symposium: Childhood Leukemias.
14. A symposium on Chronic Myeloid Leukemias.
15. A symposium on NSCLC lung cancers.
Facilities available: 

1.    Radiation Therapy (Cobalt Teletherapy Machine)
2.    Computerised Treatment Planning System
3.    Positioning Lasers
4.    Thermoplastic Mould
5.    Gamma Zone Monitor
6.    Radiation Survey meter
7.    ICCA applicator
8.    Simulator X-Ray
9.    Radioisotope source Storage
10.  TLD badge service for X-ray & Radiation personnel.

Services offered:

a)     CMCHIS insurance scheme       
b)   Palliative care of terminal illness
All clinical material
1.    Number of Units in the Department: 1 (one).
2.    OP days and timings: Monday to Saturday 8.00 am to 12.00 noon.
3.    IP unit Ward 62 -  male and Ward 62 -  female  admission day  : Monday to Saturday                                                                                                        
4.    Bed strength of Department: 30    
5.    Per annum statistics:

            Average OP   15000 / year;                                                                                                                
            Average IP      2500 / year;
6.    Special Clinics conducted by the Department:    
            Palliative Care 12-1 pm Monday to Saturday.
7.    List of Radiotherapy procedures:    Teletherapy     

  1. Cancer Cheek                                                  13. Brain secondaries
  2. Cancer Tongue                                                 14. ALL
  3. Cancer Alveolus                                               15. Cancer Lung
  4. SVC Syndrome                                                16. Thymomas
   5. Cancer Larynx                                                 17. Lymphomas
    6. Cancer Hypopharynx                                      18. Cancer Breast
    7. Cancer Thyroid                                               19. Cancer Oesophagus
    8. Parotid tumours                                               20. Cancer Cervix
     9. Cancer Middle ear                                          21. Colorectal Cancers
   10. Brain Tumours                                                22. Sarcomas
    11. Cancer Nasopharynx                                     23. Wilms’ Tumour
    12. Cancer Oropharynx                                        24. Spine secondaries          
8.    Average statistics (therapy performed / annum): 400 per year.

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