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                                                         DEPARTMENT OF STD
Academic Activities: 

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Periodic academic activities held in the department:  Training of Medical Officers in STD Clinic

Research and Publications (National and international –for the past 5 year/year wise: 
Presented papers at National Conference on STD/AIDS at Chennai and Kodaikannal
Prizes and Award constituted by the Department:  Nil
Prizes and Awards Won    Dr.K.Mahadeven got 2 Gold Medal for best Research paper in National Conference
CMEs,Workshops/ Conferences conducted by the department (past 5 years/year wise) :
CME on Universal Precaution 2010

Services Offered
No of units in the department : One
O.P Day & Timings:  All days except Sunday 8 am to 12 pm
O.P Unit & Admission day (unit wise) : All days except Sunday

Bed Strength of Department: MALE 3 BEDS AND FEMALE 3 BEDS
Average O.P :    New cases 170, Old Cases 225 per month

Average I.P: 8 Cases per month
Type of Surgeries performed :  NA
Special Clinics conducted by the department :  NA
List of Laboratory tests Performed (for Laboratory attached departments)

1. RPR/VDRL tests ,
2. Total Gram stain ,
  •  Gonococcus + (gram negative intracellular diplococci +)
  • Non-Gonococcus urethritis (NGU)-Pus cells +ve
  • Non-Gonococcus cervicitis  (NGC)-Pus cells +ve
         Nugents score +ve
3. Wet mount test

  • Motile Trichomonads +ve
  • Whiff test +ve
  • Clues cells +
4. KOH test performed
Average laboratory statistics (average tests conducted /annum): 3200

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