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DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY As a public service measure, Department of Orthopaedics has initiated a “ Bone Density Camp” at Government Coimbatore Medical College Hospital on 18.09.2017 under the esteemed guidance of beloved Dean Prof.Dr.B.Asokan M.S., M.Ch., The program is likely to benefit the society by and large.
News Posted on :18-09-2017 11:09:09

BEST DOCTOR AWARD TO CMCH DOCTORS Honourable Chief Minister, Revered Health Minister and Esteemed Health Secretary presented Best Doctor Award on 28.6.2017 to 30 doctors in Government Service at Omandurar Multispeciality Hospital, Chennai. Prof.Dr.D.N.Renganathan MS ( Gen. Surg.), Professor of Surgery and Dr.M.Geethanjali M.D.,(Paed), Associate Professor of Paediatrics of Government Coimbatore Medical College Hospital were honoured with “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” for their exemplary service with a medal, certificate and cash prize. Our beloved Dean Prof.Dr.B.Asokan M.S., M.Ch., congratulated the achievers and felicitated them.
News Posted on :30-06-2017 01:06:05

  International Yoga Day Celebration
YOGA DAY CELEBRATION AT CMCH In view of International Day of Yoga, on June 21,2017 Special Yoga Programme was organised by Yoga and Naturopathy Lifestyle Clinic at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. Our beloved Dean Prof.Dr. B.Asokan MS., MCh., presided over the function. The programme enlightened the public about the benefits of practising yoga in day-to-day life to maintain health.
News Posted on :21-06-2017 06:06:45

  Open Heart Surgery At CMCH
OPEN HEART SURGERY IN CMCH 19 year old female Ms.Sathiya Priya, D/o Mr.Anandhan had visited Coimbatore Medical College Hospital with complaints of breathlessness and syncopal attacks for 4 years. The patient was diagnosed as Ostium Secondum type of Atrial Septal Defect in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Under the guidance of our esteemed Dean Prof. Dr.B.Asokan M.S., MCh., the team of doctors including the Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Prof. Dr.E.Sreenivasan MS,MCh, Head of the Department of Anaesthesia, Prof. Dr.K.Shantha MD., performed open heart surgery at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital along with Prof.Dr.K.Kalyanasundaram, Dr.L.Senthilkumar,Dr.S.Veeranan, Dr. Nakeeran and Dr. Mythili. The surgery was performed with the help of Heart Lung Machine and arresting the patient’s heart for 25 minutes. Then, the atrial septal defect was closed with patient’s own pericardium. Post-operatively, the patient is of good health. The patient hails from a poor socio-economic status and the surgery was made possible under Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.
News Posted on :30-06-2017 01:06:13

  Inauguration of Boy’s Hostel Building
Through video conferencing, our Honourable Chief Minister inaugurated the new Boy’s Hostel Building, Coimbatore Medical College on 12.6.2015. Respectable Collector of Coimbatore, Esteemed Mayor, Coimbatore Corporation, Revered M.L.A. of Coimbatore were the dignitaries along with our beloved Dean Dr.A.Edwin Joe to grace the occasion.
News Posted on :16-06-2015 01:06:28

  Republic Day Award
DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY Professor Dr.K.Mahadevan received the Republic Day Award from Coimbatore District Collector on 26.01.2015 for his enduring care and excellent service towards patients.
News Posted on :30-05-2015 03:05:54

  World Asthma Day
AWARENESS CAMP ON WORLD ASTHMA DAY Date: 05.05.2015 On the occasion of World Asthma Day, the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital conducted an awareness program on the disease on 05.05.2015. “The symptoms of asthma should be suspected if children suffer from cough which does not stop even after 10 days and the episode repeats three to four times in a year” said Prof. Dr. Keerthivasan , Department of Thoracic Medicine. Dean Dr. A.Edwin Joe presided the function and added that “ there is an increasing number of patients suffering from Asthma and COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS), especially among asthma patients who smoke. And also , there is an increase in asthma patients under five because of the increase in environmental pollution and climatic conditions”.
News Posted on :30-05-2015 03:05:10

  Recent Research Report
VIROLOGY RESEARCH & DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY UNIT DATE : 24.05.2015 The newly constructed Virology Research and Diagnostic Laboratory and Multidisciplinary Unit were inspected by Joint Secretary, Directorate of Health & Research, New Delhi on 24.05.2015 at Coimbatore Medical College. Dean Dr.A.Edwin Joe , Vice Principal Dr. R. Mani, Professor Dr.A.Dhanasekaran, Head of Department of Microbiology accompanied them. In conclusion of the inspection, the authorities have agreed to send the proposal form for State Level Lab to the Government through proper channel.
News Posted on :28-05-2015 04:05:30

  International Nurse Day
International Nurses Day Date : 12.5.15 In view of “ International Nurses Day “ celebrations were made to commemorate the occasion of the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital on 12.5.15. Dean Dr.Edwin Joe presided the function. Deputy Superintendent Prof.Dr.Asokan along with other doctors, nursing staff, students and paramedical personnel of Coimbatore Medical College Hospital attended the function.
News Posted on :19-05-2015 05:05:36

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